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Ferocious Few


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Francisco Fernandez has been the bucking force behind his unstoppable outlaw cowboy band for the last ten years.  The Ferocious Few's punkabilly roadhouse rock and roll has commanded attention everywhere they play, charging upwards from the streets of San Francisco to headlining SF's The Great American Music Hall, and opening for Cyndi Lauper on her Memphis Blues tour.

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“South by Southwest turns all of downtown Austin into one big live-music venue, with bands blaring away from every available nook, cranny and street corner. That’s right up the Ferocious Few’s alley. The guitar-and-drums duo first gained notice busking on the street in their hometown of San Francisco, and they set up shop in Austin one evening in front of a hot dog stand several blocks north of the Sixth Street main drag. For a two-man band playing outside, the Ferocious Few manufactured a surprising depth of sound. The left-handed singer-guitarist Francisco Fernandez deployed a cheap amplifier to get a distorted ambience, while Daniel Aguilar bashed away on his drum kit with brushes, his hands and even a tambourine. But the group’s best asset was Fernandez’s voice, a shellshocked croon that conveyed the sort of wide-eyed fear of the almighty that the Band used to conjure 40 years ago. Not that you’d mistake the Ferocious Few for anything but modern, however. “We’re the Ferocious Few,” Fernandez said. “Google our name on your smart phone for all our shows this weekend. This next one’s called ‘Me and the Devil.’”

David Menconi, New York Times