Two-man duo The Ferocious Few formed in 2006 when Francisco Fernandez (composer/guitar/vocals) convinced Daniel Aguilar (percussion) to take their informal jam sessions in Oakland, CA to the streets of San Francisco with a portable P.A.. The Ferocious Few's stripped down, lo-fi sound has been classified as rock, punk, or rockabilly, and along with the bluesy elements of Fernandez's howling vocals, The Ferocious Few's raw sound may be best categorized in the increasingly ambiguous genre of garage rock.


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The guitar-and-drums duo first gained notice busking on the street in their hometown of San Francisco”

— David Menconi, New York Times

The Ferocious Few on Market St., San Francisco, Ca

The Ferocious Few on Market St., San Francisco, Ca

Sub Zero Fest, San Jose

Sub Zero Fest, San Jose

The Ferocious Few have built a mighty legend around town, as much for their fearless guerrilla street jams – ignoring or dropping F-bombs on anyone who suggests that they pack up and move on as for their super-charged take on Howlin’ Wolf/Elmore James/Creedence style blues”

— Todd Wanerman, The Bay Bridged



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